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Having problems is NOT

your biggest problem. 

Not having SOLUTIONS is!

Facing challenges in life is expected and normal.  Mastering your life is about creating effective and lasting solutions to those problems. 

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 I'm Salt -

Your solution partner

I'm known for helping create powerful and effective solutions to people's biggest problems. What if there was a simple process to help you solve your biggest problems?  Is that something worth exploring? 


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Feeling Stuck?

Feeling stuck in life? Wish you had a greater sense of fulfillment?  Let's find a time to chat and re-ignite your dreams.

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Financial Stress?

Not making enough money? Feeling the weight of your bills? Your new financial future is one click away.  

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Work Performance?

Do you want to increase your productivity and influence? Perhaps you're looking to elevate your overall performance in life. It all starts here. 

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You were meant for MORE

"It doesn't matter where you start, only that you begin." 

                                       ~Robin Sharma


Get the tools and strategies YOU need to get more out of life, your business, and your performance.

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Individual Coaching

What are the issues that are keeping you "stuck", preventing you from having the life you desire?

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Business Coaching

What's stopping you from having more customers, greater profits, and higher employee engagement?

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Performance Coaching

You build your physical skills and muscles, but are you building the mindset of a champion?

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Curtis B

"My mind is sharper, it's just that simple"

Bryce G

"Salt changed my business and my life"


"Salt has helped me take on challenges and realize more of my potential."

Not ready for personal coaching? Enhance your life with some of these online courses.   


You don't have to be "all in" before getting the benefits of coaching. Check out these video courses and get a jump start on living the life of your dreams. 

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Giving Back

In order to help protect and honor the planet, a portion of every paid session goes towards providing clean drinking water for those in need and ocean preservation efforts. 

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