Who is Salt?

Salt is a Human Behavioral Specialist who focuses on problem solving, organizational development, and personal growth in order to facilitate clients' mastery of their health, wealth, and relationships. 


I LOVE problems - and puzzles! Even as a child, I'd spend hours working to solve problems and puzzles.  At eight years old I became naturally curious about people, asking myself questions and telling myself stories about people I encountered. 

Two driving questions began to arise:

1. Why do we do what we do?

2. How can we change the course of our lives? 

With those two questions people, life, the entire universe became one great big puzzle and I was - am - determined to solve it, to answer the questions above and in doing so help people solve their biggest problems. 

In my pursuit to answer these questions, I have integrated Psychology, Sociology, Neuroscience, Human Behavior, Physics, and Universal Laws in order to get my clients the results they desire in the shortest amount of time possible.  

I love sharing with my clients the wisdom, personal life experiences, and knowledge of human behavior that it has taken me years to obtain.

I offer private consultations, keynote presentations, corporate trainings, and on-line products to help people over come their challenges and master more of their lives. 

I'm currently writing my first book on the topic of personal empowerment and change.

With a career spanning over 25 years and work that has touched and changed the lives of thousands, I continue to use my gift for honest and open communication to inspire and encourage my clients and audiences to live authentic, rich and empowered lives. 

I look forward to serving you in the future. 

PS. Have you heard that I'm a thief?  It's true.  Click here to learn more and to learn how my life of crime helped me overcome divorce, near bankruptcy, and deep despair and become financially empowered. 




What's up with the name "Salt"?

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