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Business owners and executives want answers to two questions:


How do we get the most from our business?
How do we survive the process with our sanity and relationships intact?


Salt Coaching will give you the skills and strategies so you can do both. 

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Creating effective systems is a key to the efficiency and effectiveness of any business. 


People are your most valuable asset. You add value to people when you value them.


The bottom line for any business and leader is to impact as many people as possible. 

The Complete Package:

What drives you most crazy in your business?  What keeps you up at night?  EVERYONE wants to be MORE successful but sometimes there are barriers that prevent success from flowing your way.  What if you had a seasoned coach in your corner?  Someone who has experience, knowledge, and proven strategies to help you get your business back on course and take your business  to higher levels of productivity, income, and satisfaction?  That's what you get with Salt Coaching, the complete package: an individual who knows the skills, strategies, and mindset you need to get more from your business. 


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For the Start Up


  • The Start Up Mindset
  • Growth Strategy
  • Financial Protection Plan
  • Blue Prints for the 6 Components of a Business
  • Direct Support and Education
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For the Executive


  • Advanced Leadership Skills/Strategies
  • Enhanced Communication Techniques 
  • Personal Productivity
  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Direct Support and Education
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For the Team

Top features

  • Strategic Planning for Growth
  • Creating a High-Performance Team
  • Sales/Marketing Strategies
  • Profitability Drivers
  • Direct Support and Education
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The Solution to All Your Problems: 

Business owners and executives want real strategies with tangible results, not feel good pep talks and unicorn bandaids.  Here's a harsh truth: if you own or are the head of the business, YOU become the  solution to all your problems. Whether it's communication, performance, or revenue, all business problems eventually come down to "people problems". Solve your people problems and you'll solve your business problems.  Ready for some more harsh truths and powerful solutions? If so, then your ready for executive coaching with Salt. 


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