If you've come this far, you're already 51% of the way to getting more of the life you desire. 

Now it's time to determine which program is right for you: Individual Coaching, Master Mind Group, or a Custom Program tailored to your specifications.  

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Individual Coaching 

Life is too short to stay "stuck".  Being stuck is no fun.  Don't be held back.  You were designed for MORE!

Coaching with Salt is about getting you RESULTS.  Sessions are dynamic, interactive, and fast paced.  The focus is on getting you MORE than you expected in the most effective and efficient means possible. 

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The 2 Minute Difference Mastermind Group. 

2 minutes can change your life.  You could meet someone, make a new discovery, or get a call that changes your life forever.  Instead of leaving life to chance, what if you learned skills and strategies to change your life, two minutes at a time. 

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The World Responds to ACTION!

The world does not respond to want or need...not even deserve.  The world responds to action.  It's time to take ACTION!

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