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 I love a good book - one that stirs the soul, tickles the brain, and compels the heart to move in a new way.  Here are a few of my favorites.

  1. Inspired Destiny by John Demartini

 John Demartini is by far the most intelligent person I know.  He has a depth and wisdom I’ve not experienced in many others.  Inspired Destiny is in my opinion his signature work.  In it, John teaches how to awaken your soul, connect with your mission and purpose, and dissolve guilts, shames, fears, and resentments.  No other book, short of the Bible, has had a bigger impact on my life.  

2.  Atomic Habits - James Clear

 I’m a understanding habits and goal setting junky.  The problem is I know what to do, I just don’t know how to do it.  Atomic Habits actually gives an excellent balance of information and application.  “Here’s what to do…and here’s how to do it”.  Talk about a book that can take any aspect of your life to the next level, this one is it.   

3.  What’s In the Way, Is the Way - Mary O’Malley 

 I have a love- hate relationship with this book.  Talk about a book and author that has the ability to peer deeply into the soul and share what she see - I swear that’s what she does:  she looks into my heart, mind, and soul and has written her experiences in the pages of this book.  It’s both beautiful and painful.  If you want to see more deeply into yourself, learn how to reconnect with the authentic you, and bring your true spirit back to life, there is no book better than this one. 

4.  Happiness Advantage by Shawn Anchor

 7 Concepts to bring about greater and longer lasting happiness - one concept for every day of the week.  Shawn Anchor is masterful at sharing both the research, the psychology, and the application of how to generate greater happiness in life.  Happiness is a choice, and this book will guide you on how to create more of it in your life.  

5.  Outwitting the Devil - Napoleon Hill

 Most everyone knows Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich (another excellent read).  This lesser known book is equally powerful. In it Hill takes a journey in search of freedom and success and encounters the devil along the way.  He exposes the tricks and wiles of this nemesis and presents strategies and tactics to overcome them.  The primary battle plan that we all face as well as the seven principles to attain spiritual, mental, and physical freedom are all laid out so you too can outwit the devil.  

6.  The Compound Effect - Darren Hardy

 Darren Hardy has been crucial in my personal development/personal transformation.  As former editor of Success Magazine, I would read and listen to him on almost a daily basis. 

The Compound Effect takes one of the most simple concepts known and demonstrates how using this concept consistently overtime a person can change their life forever.  “God, make my life unrecognizable” was a prayer of mine.  Using in part The Compound Effect, that’s exactly what happened.   

7.  The Richest Man in Babylon - George Clason

 Some of the best financial advise through the telling and teaching of ancient parables. The stories are old, the advise is timeless.  I highly recommend this book for the financial wisdom it holds….and give a copy to a young adult, to start them on the right financial path early in life.   

8.  Scary Close - Donald Miller

 Another author who has apparently been stalking me, but this time in regards to how I do relationships.  Miller invites the reader to drop the act and find true intimacy by sharing his own relationship journey.  In the end, you’ll learn that you truly are “good at relationships” right where you are. 

9.  The Alchemist -  Paulo Coelho

 A book that has been called “a modern classic”.  It’s a classic tale of a hero’s journey.  This journey teaches the wisdom of listening to the heart and following your dreams.  You never know what amazing transformations can take place when you do….even being able to take the ordinary lead in life and transform it into gold. 

10. Salty Piece of Land - by Jimmy Buffet

 The ocean, sandy beach, and some rum…. Sounds like paradise to me.  This is clearly a book to read and relax to - a vacation book if you will.  With Jimmy Buffet and the Caribbean of course there are going to be pirates, bounty hunters, and a couple of beauties along the way.  What I like most about this book is that in my heart I’m a lot like Tully Mars.  

Here’s to turning the page again and again….  

Honorable Mention - A couple of books I couldn’t go without mentioning: 

The Road - Cormac McCarthy

Awaken the Giant Within - Tony Robbins

Three Feet from Gold - Sharon Lechter, Greg S. Reid